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60 Day Notice Of Tenant To Terminate

Fill out form below or download the pdf and mail in:

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Tenant(s) intends to terminate his/her tenancy of the property at: (required)

On date (required):

Please list the name(s) of other tenant(s) who shall remain on the premises and continue renting unit. If all current tenants(s) plan to vacate, please print "ALL MOVING" in the spaces below.

This notice is in accordance with the lease terms which states that a 60 day written notice must be given and that rent shall be due and payable to and including the date of termination.

Tenant(s) acknowledge and understand that once the premises are vacated, rent will continue to be due until the time all keys are returned to the office of Rental Solutions Inc. Any items left or abandoned in the premises after move-out will be removed and discarded at a cost to the tenant(s).

It is understood that any security deposit refund, if applicable, will be forwarded to the tenant at the following address:

Along with the security deposit refund (if applicable), will be a statement of the tenants account. This will be mailed within 15/30 days from the receipt of the keys to the unit whichever is applicable.

Reason for leaving is:

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